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M1 Test Simulator: ON Motorcycle Test Practice (Exam Mode)

Get ready to take to the road with the M1 Test Simulator in Exam Mode! Prepare to blaze along the Grand Algoma and take the swift turns of Ontario’s “tail of the dragon” on highway 129 or experience the Calabogie Road in the Highlands the way it was meant to be experienced. An M class driver’s license will open the door to driving around Ontario on your motorcycle, motor tricycle, or moped and the first step is to pass your M1 knowledge test. Study up with the ON Motorcycle Handbook and our M1 Practice Test and then use this exam mode to simulate the actual test. Just like the real exam, our test simulator contains 24 motorcycle questions, 20 questions on road signs, and 20 general questions on G1 road rules. You’ll need to answer correctly a total of 19, 16, and 16 questions, respectively to pass the test. Just like when you take the real M1 Test, there are no hints and explanations, and you can skip questions to which you’re unsure of the answer. Exam Mode will automatically stop once you’ve passed or failed and need to study a little bit more. Once you’ve passed your official test, you’ll enter Level One on your way to being a fully licensed motorcyclist. Good luck!

ON M1 Test Fact Sheet:

Number of questions:24+20+20
Answer correctly to pass:19+16+16
Passing score:80%
Your Progress
51 correct answers to pass (5, 4 and 4 mistakes in each section; 13 mistakes in total)
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